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Company “Mr. Catering” is happy to offer outdoor buffets at the office or at any place you want. Prices of our services include all necessary support: waiters, delivery, furniture and wares rent. On this page you could have a look at typical menu for all kinds of parties.

Buffet organizing at celebrations, conferences, entertainments becomes usual action because of many important benefits of this format. It gives a lot of interesting opportunities, which are good for anybody. One of the most attractive benefits of buffets is its average price. You could carry even a large and impressive arrangement with a quite low budget.

A buffets organizing – business for real professionals

As practice shows, a buffets organizing is a less wasteful process in comparison with typical indoor banquets. This format is good for presentations, exhibitions, student’s parties or so on. Attendees are absolutely free without massive tables and rows of chairs; they could chat with anybody or join any company they want. Additionally, all guests are able to choose food and drinks easily, without any help. Snacks, alcohol, juices, plates are situated on separately standing tables, which are not very large even for tiny hall, but very comfortable for all party’s participants.

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It looks quite simple, however a buffets organizing is a science. If you are a specialist in this business, you have to know, how to use rooms with a maximum efficiency, what details must be checked, how many food and drinks do you need for some kind of party. High attention for nuances shows a professional appearance. It’s good idea to think about small tables with napkins, ashtrays, cigarettes and so on. Any of these secondary shades could influence on a visitor’s impression.

On other hand, a buffets organizing is not only important details and perfectly used hall’s space. As a rule, a good menu and table appointments are key points of any party. Traditionally the menu consists of large number of snacks. There are all manner of sandwiches, salads, canapes, profiteroles, shish kebabs, fruits, bakery, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. It’s hard to organize even not very large event without an experience. You could success, but you would have a lot of worries and unnecessary wastes in any case. So, we recommend using professional services. Moscow Company with good reputation, like “Mr. Catering”, is a best choice for the best party.

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